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Application: SAP NetWeaver
Versions Affected: 7.30 (Basis 720 SP 0, Kernel 720 patch 68)
Vendor URL: http://www.sap.com
Bugs: SQL injection
Exploits: NO
Reported: 25.01.2013
Vendor response: 26.01.2013
Date of Public Advisory: 30.08.2013
Reference: SAP Note 1840249
Author: Nikolay Mescherin (ERPScan)


An attacker can use specially crafted inputs to modify database commands. This results in either retrieval of additional information, or modification of the data persisted by the system.

Business Risk

By exploiting this vulnerability, an internal or external attacker will be able to escalate their privileges. With the help of this access, it is possible to obtain sensitive technical and business-related information stored in the vulnerable SAP system.