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DSECRG Advisories

[ERPSCAN-13-023] SAProuter – Authentication Bypass

Application: SAP Network Interface Router (SAProuter)
Versions Affected: 39.3 SP4 (7100.0.0.201) - Win64/Linux x86_64, 40.4
Vendor URL: http://www.sap.com 
Bugs: Authentication bypass
Exploits: NO
Reported: 23.03.2013
Vendor response: 24.03.2013
Date of Public Advisory: 25.11.2013
Reference: SAP Note 1853140
Author: George Nosenko (ERPScan)


It is possible that a remote attacker can bypass authentication and reconfigure SAProuter.

Business Risk

An attacker can reconfigure SAProuter remotely without authentication because authorization check is missing. It can lead to various threats, from information disclosure to full system compromise.