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Business benefits

The key benefit of the system is in its ability not only to enhance security but also decrease TCO.

Reduction in expenses on the security assessment

Reduction in expenses on the security assessment

The compliance module enables the scanner to conduct all the tests and estimate the system compliance to ISACA assessment procedures performed by the companies of the Big Four. This will help to save the time for assessment, providing an auditor with the scan report on tests completed containing all the data for the final report.


Reduction in training expenses

Built-in knowledgebase with detailed information and recommendations for vulnerability patching, together with scanner-integrated news feed providing the latest treats and security methods will enable you to reduce expenses on staff training.

Reduction in training expenses

Protection against remote hacker attacks

Protection against remote hacker attacks

Analysis of misconfigurations, publicly known vulnerabilities, and 0-day vulnerabilities will provide timely protection against hacker attacks.


Protection against insider attacks

Analysis of critical privileges used to access business critical data and administration interfaces will help to find potential breaches in the role model and prevent insider attacks.

Protection against insider attacks