Why is ERPScan the most respected and credible
SAP and Oracle cyber-security provider?

ERPScan is the most honorable ERP security provider
with 30+ awards including:

  • 360-degree solution covering all SAP Security areas in one product;
  • ERPScan’s research team is the leads by the absolute number of vulnerabilities discovered in SAP and Oracle;
  • We cover a broad spectrum of services such as SAP Security, HANA Security, PeopleSoft Security, Oracle EBS Security, CRM Security to name a few;
  • ERPScan consultants work with SAP SE supporting the improvement of security for their latest solutions;
  • ERPScan solutions are designed for large enterprises for continuous security monitoring, threat protection and intelligence;
  • ERPScan provides specific security solutions for each industry including Oil and Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Financial and Retail.
The ERPScan researchers presented their findings last week at the Hacker Halted conference in Atlanta, but say many companies who use the Afaria system did not get the message. SAP AG, a German-based company, has issued a patch for the vulnerability, but Alexander Polyakov, CTO of ERPScan, says his company, which specializes in Systems Applications and Product security, often finds businesses with years-old vulnerabilities unpatched in their SAP systems.

Kim Zetter, Senior staff writer, Wired

Via a mutual collaboration with ERPScan, we are helping our and ERPScan’s clients to obtain insight into the security posture of their SAP landscape, and harden their environment. Using ERPScan combined with a manual approach we discover vulnerabilities in SAP environments and the underlying infrastructure. These vulnerabilities can be misused by hackers and malicious users to gain access to sensitive data or disturb the availability of SAP systems, so it’s important to discover and patch them in time.

PJ Brtnik, Junior Manager, Deloitte

Enterprises need to shed outmoded concepts of SAP and Oracle enterprise application security in light of attackers that have become increasingly adept at finding high-value targets. A systematic approach to enterprise application vulnerability and security risk management is needed not only to assure that these high-value assets get the protection they require, but also to handle them with the care that their business-critical status typically demands.

Scott Crawford, Research Director, 451 Research

We would like to thank the world-class security experts of ERPScan for the highly qualified job performed to help us assess the security of our pre-release products.

Senior Director, Product Security, Technology and Innovation Platform SAP Labs, Palo Alto, USA

About ERPScan:

ERPScan’s primary mission is to close the gap between technical and business security, and provide solutions and services to monitor and secure ERP systems and business-critical applications from both cyber-attacks and internal fraud.

We function in two headquarters , located in the Palo Alto and Amsterdam to operate local offices and partner network spanning 20+ countries around the globe. This enables monitoring cyber threats and collect threat intelligence data in real time while providing an agile customer support for large enterprises and Fortune 2000 companies.

About ERPScan Research:

ERPScan Research – Leadership in ERP Security

  • 200+ vulnerabilities in top vendors including SAP and Oracle;
  • 60+ innovative presentations at security conferences in 25+ countries;
  • Award-winning research paper series “SAP Security in Figures”;
  • Revealed 3 most critical issues in SAP;
  • Experts in different areas from Mobile and Cloud to Hardware and IOT.
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ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP

Identify, Analyze, Remediate security issues including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and SOD violations

  • Mitigate fraud risk and prevent fraud actions;
  • Comply with regulations and guidelines;
  • Save up to 80 % time and resources;
  • Visualize potential attacks;
  • Simplify remediation;
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ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for Oracle PeopleSoft

Identify, Analyze Oracle PeopleSoft security issues including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, access control

  • Oracle PeopleSoft Vulnerability Assessment;
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Configuration Management;
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Access Control Checks;
  • Oracle Peoplecode Custom Code Security;
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ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP

Automate SAP security assessment and SAP Penetration Testing by identifying all SAP vulnerabilities and threads within 360-degree view:

  • SAP Vulnerability Management;
  • SAP Configuration checks;
  • SAP Compliance;
  • SAP Source code security;
  • SAP Access control;
  • SAP Segregation of duties;
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