Elena Shapovalova

How AI-Driven Systems Can Be Hacked

Nowadays, AI seems to be taking over everything. One of the areas it’s touched is cybersecurity, providing both attackers and defenders greater opportunities to reach their goals. Still, with great power comes great responsibility. AI programs are not immune to attacks.
in Forbes by Alexander Polyakov

SAP Resolves High Risk Flaws with February 2018 Patches

The most severe of the issues is a missing authentication check in SAP NetWeaver System Landscape Directory (CVE-2018-2368), with a CVSS base score of 8.3. An attacker exploiting it could access a service without any authorization procedures, which could lead to information disclosure, privilege escalation and other attacks, explains ERPScan, a company specialized in securing SAP and Oracle products.
in Security Week by Ionut Arghire