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GDPR Case Studies and Practical Examples: How did companies start data protection?

Upon the rollout of GDPR, many US companies were left wondering what they needed to do. Numerous businesses were slow to take action, and in spring 2018, most of them were not prepared for the new legislation. When the GDPR compliance deadline of May 25 passed, we reached out to various enterprises and SMEs and asked them to share the steps they took while starting the process as well as their practical GDPR case studies and success stories.

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A chain of vulnerabilities to hack SAP CRM

Heidelberg, Germany – March 14, 2018 – Today at the Troopers security conference, an annual event with a special track focused on SAP Security, ERPScan’s researchers have disclosed the details of two vulnerabilities that allow compromising SAP CRM system. Since this application stores business-critical data such as client’s personal information, companies may fall victim and face incredible reputational and cost losses.

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