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Author: PR Team

ERPScan Partners with Check Point to Protect Enterprises from Cyberattacks on ERP Systems

Palo Alto, Calif., February 23, 2017 – ERPScan, a world–renowned ERP cybersecurity vendor, today announced that ERPScan and Check Point Software Technologies ltd (NASDAQ:CHKP) have entered into a technology partnership. The partnership combines ERPScan’s expertise in ERP security and Check Point’s Advanced Threat Prevention capabilities.

In the era of targeted cyberattacks conducted by skilled hackers, security vendors should collaborate to help their customers. We believe this integration perfectly fits for customers that need a comprehensive solution to prevent the real attacks against their ERP systems,

said Alexander Polyakov, CTO at ERPScan.

The combined solution of Check Point’s next-generation threat prevention platform with ERPScan’s Security monitoring suite can:

  • Prevent known attacks with a comprehensive pack of ERP vulnerability signatures
  • Prevent zero-day attacks with new vulnerabilities uploaded by the ERPScan Threat Intelligence team before the official patches are released
  • Generate virtual patches for vulnerabilities in ERP customizations such as code vulnerabilities in ABAP or PeopleCode programs by using unique algorithms developed by ERPScan

ERP landscapes remain vulnerable due to the growing sophistication of hackers targeting this business-critical software:

  • A complex and custom ERP environment may contain elusive vulnerabilities and backdoors
  • Some companies do not patch ERP software
  • Patches are not easy to deploy because fixing an issue can affect multiple systems resulting in downtime of the service
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities continue to pose new threats

By scanning an ERP environment, ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite generates a list of attack signatures for all discovered vulnerabilities. These signatures are then exported to Check Point’s next-generation threat prevention platform to block these attacks and protect the customer.

Utilizing ERPScan’s attack signatures, Check Point’s next-generation threat prevention platform blocks zero-day attacks to safeguard critical applications and assets. We are pleased to partner with ERPScan to share intelligence and bolster our advanced threat prevention capabilities to secure cloud applications and ERP environments.

said Jason Min, head of business and corporate development, Check Point.

The combination of these two cutting-edge technologies will provide ERP customers with a comprehensive approach to enabling security for business-critical applications.

About ERPScan

ERPScan is the most respected and credible Business Application Security provider. Founded in 2010, the company operates globally. Named as an ‘Emerging vendor’ in Security by CRN and distinguished by more than 35 other awards, ERPScan is the leading company in discovering and resolving ERP security vulnerabilities. We ‘follow the sun’ and function in two hubs, located in Palo Alto and Amsterdam to operate local offices and partner networks spanning 20+ countries around the globe.

ERPScan introduces a new solution to protect customization of SAP business applications

Palo Alto, CA – July, 21 ERPScan, the most credible business application security provider, is excited to announce a new solution to protect SAP environments from customization issues.

The breaking news about US-CERT Alert on SAP vulnerability attracted a lot of attention to SAP Cybersecurity services. Now many companies are interested in improving their SAP Systems security and protecting them from cyberattacks. However, this initiative is not a simple task, as SAP Cybersecurity consists of multiple areas (Segregation of Duties, Application platform security, and security of Customizations including code security issues), and each of them is paramount. Our new solution is focused on the most underestimated area – security of customization.
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April-11-2016 talk at CYpBER 2016, Cyprus “Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Industry – How hackers can steal oil” by Alexander Polyakov

Cyber crimes cost energy and natural resources firms an average of $13.2 million each a year for lost business and damaged equipment, Ponemon’s survey states. Experts agree that threats to Oil and Gas companies become increasingly complex and sophisticated targeting both IT and OT infrastructures, that requires constant improvements to cyber security. Nowadays companies involved in the industry more than ever need to strengthen their cyber security.
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