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Implementing ERP Vulnerability Management Process. Part 1

This series of articles describes an approach to increase ERP security by leveraging proactive vulnerability management process and ERP security control solutions.

The provided information will come in handy for:

  • preparing a business case for ERP security control solutions;
  • developing requirements to the project;
  • selecting the best product;
  • designing the ERP Vulnerability Management (ERP VM) processes.

The first article contains introductory material, business requirements to ERP VM process, and its basic structure.

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2016 State of Business application security

In the wake of several high-profile incidents involving business applications over the outgoing year, there is an increasing focus on business software security. In this blog post, we gathered together the milestones of this topic for 2016.

The list of critical incidents and significant statistics is endless, but we decided to focus on 5 major facts:

1. The first-ever US-CERT alert on SAP Vulnerability;
2. Potential attacks against critical infrastructure via vulnerabilities in business applications;
3. The number of SAP Vulnerabilities identified per year is high; 4. SAP threat landscape has grown;
5. Oracle MICROS hack compromises data of 330,000 customer sites around the world.
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