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Implementing SAP Vulnerability Management Process. Part 2

This is the second article in the series “Implementing SAP Vulnerability Management”. In the first part, we’ve described the motivation for the practice, mentioned that vulnerability assessment tools generate tons of reports of enormous size and we need an approach to organize remediation work efficiently and swiftly.

In order to prioritize our remediation activities, we need to be aware of all assets, their relative importance, and vulnerabilities.

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EAS-SEC. Oracle PeopleSoft Security Configuration. Part 1

With this article, we are starting a series of articles describing some basic assessment procedures one can carry out on various business applications that would help to expand ERP systems’ immunity to attacks. After providing a comprehensive review of most important SAP NetWeaver ABAP security configurations, we are happy to focus on Oracle Peoplesoft application security and share our knowledge.
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Why do you need an SAP cybersecurity framework?

If you have opened this article, you understand that SAP security and ERP Security in general deserves special considerations. Just look at the number of issued SAP Security Notes – more than 3500 of them released now. Also, more arguments provided in an article about ERP Vulnerability Management. Just to give you an idea: ERP systems contain special components, handle critical assets, and employ specific security controls.
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Implementing SAP Vulnerability Management Process. Part 1

This series of articles describes an approach to increase ERP security by leveraging proactive vulnerability management process and ERP security control solutions.

The provided information will come in handy for:

  • preparing a business case for ERP security control solutions;
  • developing requirements to the project;
  • selecting the best product;
  • designing the ERP Vulnerability Management (ERP VM) processes.

The first article contains introductory material, business requirements to ERP VM process, and its basic structure.

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