Oracle EBS Penetration testing tool

Nobody will argue that IT security is vital in our modern world, particularly for businesses. Cybercrime is getting worse and systems become more vulnerable with time, making organizations more susceptible to cyberattacks and financial losses. That’s why the topic of cybercrime demands more attention and cyber-awareness.

ERP security is a separate part of IT security. Nowadays ERP stands for a huge range of various tools and services written on the base of different technologies. It’s critical to possess proper knowledge in the security field and convenient tools for managing.

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SAP HANA Pentesting. Part 1: Vulnerabilities history

Three years have passed since the day when we published the details of the first vulnerability in SAP HANA. Nowadays more and more HANA systems are used in production environments of enterprises. We decided to start a series of articles on SAP HANA Pentesting to celebrate this event and share noticeable insights about pentesting of this platform. Within this period of time, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge about the organization of SAP HANA security, and now, we want to share it with you.

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Top 10 articles every SAP BASIS admin must read

SAP BASIS administrators perform numerous critical activities to ensure high availability as well as the efficient and continuous operation of SAP systems deployed in the corporate environment. They are saddled with the responsibility of making sure that the system works optimally. Luckily, a compiled list of resources can relieve the duties.

These are top SAP cybersecurity articles every SAP BASIS admin must read. If you are an SAP BASIS admin, they will support you with succeeding in SAP administration. Happy browsing!

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