June-7-9-2011 ERPScan at the SAP GRC conference, Amsterdam

The SAP GRC conference took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 7th to 9th June. Thousands of people from different parts of Europe attended it. Such leading world companies as Ernst&Young, PwC, Deloitte, Novell, and Winshuttle participated in the conference.

The event was devoted to the best practices and methodologies developed by the companies. Independent consultants, SAP representatives, and clients had an opportunity to discuss practical aspects of usage, implementation, customization, and managment of SAP solutions.

On the ERPScan’s stand, participants could learn about the ERPScan security scanner for SAP, which allowed scanning SAP servers for program vulnerabilities, configuration errors and critical functionality to assess the compliance with current standards and recommendations, including one fron SAP, and to analyze risks.

Participation in one of the leading specialized conferences in Europe, the main part of which was dedicated to the issues of SAP security, is a part of our global strategy of presenting ERPScan security scanner for SAP at the global market. The reaction of SAP partners and clients to our product which didn’t have any direct analogue at the global SAP security market, was positive, and it could be called an evidence of necessity of such product in this market

— Alexander Polyakov, the ERPScan CTO, noted.

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