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Securing Oracle EBS: Risks & Solutions

Webinar on Oracle EBS Security.



We’ll present a brief review of Oracle E-Business Suite security, providing you with a background info and putting emphasis on known incidents and statistics related to top 10 vulnerabilities. Then we’ll jump to Oracle E-Business Suite architecture and discuss the most critical services on Database, Application, and Client levels (e.g. RCE by using untrusted Java Deserialization and others). For you to get a picture of the risk these services pose we’ll show a Demo clip. It will provide you with illustrative examples of how the vulnerabilities can be exploited to hack Oracle E-Business Suite. Summarizing the main part of the webinar, we’ll speak about securing your Oracle E-Business Suite infrastructure both in general and in the smallest details. And as an added bonus, we’ll analyze security trends and experts’ predictions about ERP security on the whole.


Roman Bezhan
Business Applications Security