13-April-2014 Workshop on BSides San Paulo, Brazil “Practical SAP Pentesting” by Alexander Polyakov

San Paulo, Brazil – April 13, 2015 Alexander Polyakov, CTO at ERPScan, conducted a workshop titled “Practical SAP Pentesting”at BSides Sao Paulo, a one-day conference on information security.

SAP security issues have now become a traditional point of interest for presentations and workshops on different infosec events, with more than 30 presentations on SAP security delivered annually. And nowadays it’s no wonder to see attention paid to SAP security at such events as B-Sides Sao Paulo, Brazil – even if we keep in mind that you have to travel several seas and one ocean from SAP SE headquarters in Walldorf to take part in this conference. The ERPScan team, being the most recognized SAP security provider, helped pen-testers at the B-Sides event with a 1.5-hour workshop Practical SAP Pentesting by Alexander Polyakov.

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About BSidesSP

BSidesSP is a one-day conference on information security and hacking culture, organized by Brazilian hackerspace Garoa Hacker Clube as a way to promote the hacker culture and the integration between security researchers, professionals, and students.