Talk at CYpBER 2016 “Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Industry – How hackers can steal oil”

Cyber crimes cost energy and natural resources firms an average of $13.2 million each a year for lost business and damaged equipment, Ponemon’s survey states. Experts agree that threats to Oil and Gas companies become increasingly complex and sophisticated targeting both IT and OT infrastructures, that requires constant improvements to cyber security. Nowadays companies involved in the industry more than ever need to strengthen their cyber security.

The CYpBER security conference will bring together government officials, leading experts from Oil&Gas sector and ITC security professionals to discuss critical concerns and trends regarding cyber security for the oil & gas industry and raise awareness of cyber security in this area. The key topics will be addressed.

ERPScan is delighted to announce that this year ERPScan is a supporter of this new but promising conference. Alexander Polyakov, CTO at ERPScan, was invited to the conference as a renowned expert in Oil&Gas Cyber Security to share his unique knowledge and expertise in this area. His talk at RSA and BlackHat conferences was featured in top international media as The Guardian and International Business Times. This time, Alexander will focus on the latest tendencies and highlight the main attack vectors that allow hackers to steal oil.