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Challenges and Opportunities for Oracle PeopleSoft Protection

Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications are vulnerable to many attacks and their protection is not an easy task. Especially, when it comes to compliance with GDPR. ERPScan delivers its webinar to clarify all the intricacies of this process.



Oracle PeopleSoft software is a combination of supply chains, human resources, supplier relationship management, and much more. This software is installed by 6000+ customers (57 % of Fortune 100 list) and serves 20 million employees worldwide. Providing an attacker with an opportunity to steal personal data of more than 20 million people is very easy because most PeopleSoft applications are connected to the Internet for providing access to suppliers. It’s even more important right now as GDPR is coming and PeopleSoft is one of the applications subject to GDPR requirements.

Because of their extreme complexity and customization, Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications that store key business data are vulnerable to many attacks and their protection is not an easy task. ERPScan – presents updates to its first and only cybersecurity suite for PeopleSoft applications which combines:

  • Vulnerability management
  • Code scanning
  • SoD checks
  • Threat Map.

Join us to see the latest news about Oracle PeopleSoft security and new updates to our solution.


Alexander Polyakov
CTO, Co-Founder of ERPScan