Talk at RSA San Francisco “Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Industries: How Hackers Can Steal Oil”

The Oil and Gas cybersecurity is a topic of great importance as such companies are responsible for a great part of some countries’ economy.

Experts agree that cyber-attacks against companies involved in the industry are growing in number and complexity. For example, ERPScan revealed the ways how an ERP system (namely SAP and Oracle) can be compromised including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, unnecessary privileges and custom code issues. SAP states that 85% of the Forbes 2000 oil and gas companies use its solutions and about 70 million barrels per day of oil are produced by companies using SAP solutions. These facts make SAP systems a perfect entry point of sabotage attack performed by nation states or hacktivists.

The talked-of presentation was covered by Motherboard, DarkReading and BFMTV. More details and striking findings to come at RSA, the world’s best and brightest security conference.