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How to Enhance ERP Security? ERPScan’s New Platform

The first. Unique. Smart. That’s how we can describe the new ERPScan Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP, which will be presented at our next webinar.



During this webinar, we will present our new cybersecurity suite that uses machine learning algorithms to enhance the operation of a comprehensive set of modules to Predict, Prevent, and Detect cyber attacks and malicious activity in SAP Systems, and Respond to them. With this product, we introduce artificial intelligence to the world of SAP security solutions. The webinar will include a demonstration of the suite. You will see how it can help various departments, from SAP to Security and Top Management, to do their job. On November 23, we’ll cover such features as identification of the most important vulnerabilities, detection of attacks and unusual behavior, compliance with different standards, and high-level monitoring of the system with the help of dashboards.

At the webinar you will learn about:

  • The distinctive features of the new ERPScan suite
  • How machine learning can aid security
  • How to outsmart security incidents.


Alexander Polyakov
CTO, Co-Founder of ERPScan