September-6-2011 Talk at SecurityByte “A Crushing Blow At the Heart of SAP J2EE Engine” by Alexander Polyakov

Mumbai, India – September 6,2011Researchers from ERPScan took part in the largest information security conference in India – SecurityByte

The conference on information security, SecurityByte, was held from 6 to 9 September in Indian Silicon Valley (Bangalor suburb).

Senior managers from RSA, (ICS)2, EC-Council, well-known persons such as Whitfield Diffie (pioneer of public-key cryptography), and also such Indian top officials as Karanataka state governor and Indian army general were invited.

ERPScan Company took part in a section of reports, training and roundtables.

Alexander Polyakov delivered a presentation on security of J2EE of SAP engine, and also conducted a one-day training concerning hack and security of SAP systems. Remarkably that one of the vulnerable application developers attended this presentation. Moreover, Alexander took part in a roundtable devoted to mobile devices’ security.