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How GDPR affects SAP security? Webinar

All international companies partnering with EU businesses or targeting individuals in EU are falling into the GDPR scope on 25 May 2018. That means that almost every company in Fortune 2000 should understand the impact of the GDPR and determine an approach to compliance.



GDPR data security provisions – although inevitable and strict – bring new opportunities for CISO’s. When attention of top management is entirely focused on GDPR legal and contractual compliance issues, competition opportunities and service quality, CISO’s are to come up with GDPR implementation plans in IT environments.

In other words security today is a business driver. Proper protection of users’, contractors’ and employees’ personal data strengthens business reputation, differentiates an organization from competitors and let to avoid GDPR non-compliance fines.

It’s the perfect moment to get a buy-in for data audit, access controls, monitoring solutions and everything else you needed to protect IT systems, but didn’t have budget. On 20th of June ERPScan will provide a security webinar on protecting personal data in SAP environment:

  • What are the GDPR key challenges and opportunities from the perspective of SAP security?
  • How to build a GDPR Implementation Plan for SAP systems?
  • What are the ways and means to control GDPR provisions in SAP environment?


Michael Rakutko
Head of Professional Services