May-13-14-2015 sponsoring Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America 2015, Houston, USA

Houston, TX – May 14, 2015 ERPScan sponsored Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America 2015.

The industries most plagued by cyber-attacks are Oil and Gas. Several attacks on the infrastructure of Oil companies like Aramco were executed by the Anonymous operation #OpPetrol. The Oil and Gas sector is also threatened by frauds where there is blatant stealing of resources during upstream or downstream processes. SAP systems are widely used in Oil and Gas industry and there are even specific SAP modules for Oil and Gas. Cyber-attacks on SAP systems belonging to Oil and Gas industries can be critical in itself, however they are generally scathing because of trust connections in SAP systems that are responsible for asset management and technology networks like ICS, SCADA and Field Devices.

About Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America 2015

Building on 8 years developing conferences in the Cyber Security space the SMi Group are delighted to announce their 6th in the series Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America. This conference will provide delegates with an information-packed two day agenda with representatives from across the industry, giving a comprehensive overview of the market, looking at insider threats, the latest technology, live demonstrations, current and future threats, APT and much more.