May-28-2015 talk on HITBSecConf2015, Amsterdam “Oracle PeopleSoft applications are under attack!” by Alexey Tyurin


Amsterdam, Netherlands – May 28, 2015 Alexey Tyurin, Head of Oracle Security at ERPScan, delivered a presentation titled Oracle PeopleSoft Applications are Under Attack!.

Oracle PeopleSoft applications include different critical business systems like HRMS, FMS, SCM, CRM, etc. They are widespread in the world (about 50 % of Fortune 100). In addition, some of these systems (especially HRMS) are accessible from the Internet. Nevertheless, there is almost no research on the security of PeopleSoft applications. Oracle publishes basic information about vulnerabilities in the applications on a regular basis, but it’s not enough for penetration testers. In addition, the uncommon internal architecture of PeopleSoft applications makes black-box testing much harder. Public news about successful attacks against PeopleSoft shows up from time to time and in this talk, Alexey tried to fill this gap.

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