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Oracle PeopleSoft Security: Insights & Trends

Don’t miss a chance to learn best practices based on hands-on experience of renowned experts in Oracle security.



The recent Oracle MICROS data breach (PoS solution installed in over 330,000 sites across 180 countries) demonstrated once again that hackers find business applications an attractive target. We have got news for you. First, researchers and vendors are also interested in enterprise software security and release various guidelines related to this topic on the regular basis. However, it’s too early to rejoice. It will take forever just to look through all these documents. In order to stay protected, you’ll need to understand how these threats can impact your organization.

Attend the “Oracle PeopleSoft Security” webinar on October 12th and you will:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the current state of Oracle PeopleSoft Security
  • Learn the attack vectors to be one step ahead hackers
  • Understand how to best protect your business applications
  • Explore the services and strategies necessary to stay secured.


Roman Bezhan
Business Applications Security Researcher