How to predict SAP data breach?

Do you want to predict every step an attacker may take to exploit your SAP security imperfection? Well, who doesn't? ERPScan's experts are eager to share their knowledge on how to foresee SAP data breaches during the upcoming SAP Cybersecurity Framework Vol.1 (PREDICT) webinar.



What is SAP Cybersecurity Framework? It’s an information security management knowledge cultivated by Gartner and NIST coupled with ERPScan’s SAP security research expertise and experience. Thus, we’ve got the balanced set of processes covering 360-degree of SAP security: predictive, preventive, detective and responsive security measures.

Volume 1 of the SAP Cybersecurity Framework webinar course will focus on the 1st set of security processes: Predict part. During the webinar, you’ll get all the up-to-date data on how to implement the best security practices to SAP environment:

  • Asset management
  • Governance
  • Vulnerability management
  • Risk management.

Statuary regulations and contractual clauses frequently require companies to know their assets, evaluate effectiveness of business systems’ security measures and manage cybersecurity risks. Nevertheless, carrying out the activities in complex enterprise systems may be challenging and therefore infeasible.

The SAP Cybersecurity Framework addresses complexity of ERP systems and provides ways and means to manage security of your business data and avoid data breach.

So, do you want to know at least how to predict them? Stay tuned!


Michael Rakutko
Head of Professional Services