SAP Penetration testing: the good, the bad and the perfect

You’ve certainly heard the latest news about the US-CERT alert over the attacks against SAP systems, and at a recent Gartner conference, ERP was highlighted as an important part of Cybersecurity strategy for an organization. Have you already decided that this is an urgent task on your To-Do List, but still don’t know where and how to start? This webinar will tell you about the first step in a process of securing key business applications from cyberattacks and fraud, namely Penetration testing. You will learn unique features of this service in relation to business applications based on SAP platform.

Who will benefit from the webinar?

  • CISO – you will learn how to assess the work and what results to expect from a penetration testing
  • Security Architects – you will learn how to build a program to provide SAP security
  • Assessment Security Consultants and Internal auditors – you will learn how to conduct such work

The following topics will be covered during the webinar:

  • ERP and business applications – why should we worry about?
  • The differences between traditional application and network security assessments
  • Different Types of SAP Pentests
  • Information required to provide SAP pentest
  • What kind of vulnerabilities pentesters can find
  • Differences between SAP Pentests for different industries; their features
  • What to expect from SAP Penetration testing