Will SAP Customers Be Singled Out By Cybercriminals?

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A malware variant is targeting SAP software, according to recent findings announced by SAP security provider ERPScan. The variant comes alongside an old Trojan code designed to attack online bank accounts. The extra code that may worry SAP users searches infected computers specifically for installed SAP software.

The best protection is to deal with technical aspects of SAP security, such as vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that can get full access to the system without any rights.

ERPScan CTO Alexander Polyakov

This is the first SAP-targeted malware program created by cybercriminals, and not researchers, Polyakov stated at the RSA Europe security conference in Amsterdam last week, according to Lucian Constantin of IDG News Service.

Polyakov and his colleagues go deeper into SAP security concerns in the 2013 SAP Security in Figures global survey.