ERPScan researchers invited to present at BlackHat and take part at Defcon CTF

Black Hat

CTO at ERPScan Alexander Polyakov was once again invited to the BlackHat conference, which will take place in Las Vegas, to make a presentation about newest attacks on JAVA-kernel of SAP system, which is used in such applications as SAP Portal.

BlackHat conference has been held since 1997 and collects more than 10,000 visitors at the annual briefing in Las-Vegas and is the main event in the world of information security, some kind of Mecca for technical specialists, pentesters, auditors, researchers, hackers, students of technical universities, workers of departments, security directors of the largest companies and people who are somehow related to hacking and security, which are the most actual information security questions for today.

BlackHat conference is famous for the presentation of the latest researches and unique, unknown before the performance attacks. The leading researchers from all over the world tell about these attacks. Such researchers as NSA, U.S. Army, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, Intel, IBM, Symantec, McAfee, Qualys, Verizon, Rapid7 and others will perform this year.

Moreover, ERPScan employees joined the team “IV”,which got the fourth place in Defcon CTF international competitions. The team called “IV” (“four”) is a combined team of four teams – “Leet More”, “Smoked Chicken”, “SiBears”, “HackerDom”. As the result of hard and difficult qualifying games the team managed to take 4th place and get to the finale, which will take place at the Defcon conference in Las-Vegas. It is worth noting that the captain of the “Leet More” team — Alexander Minozhenko, an employee from ERPScan Information Security Audit Department.