ERPScan released the first and only SaaS security solution for SAP

Palo Alto, CA – January 19, 2012 ERPScan is now offering a new solution – ERPScan SaaS for SAP. This service enables you to easily check security of your SAP Web applications. All scans are performed on the basis of the professional ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP.

We decided to give people an easy solution for complex task. The dream becomes reality with ability to assess security of such a complex solution as SAP within one click on website, without installing and configuring complex products or paying a huge amount of money to consultants. Now everything goes to SaaS, so we do the same ” – says Alexander Polyakov, CTO of ERPScan.

ERPScan SaaS is a powerful and easy to use solution that easily provides a report about the security of your Web server based on SAP NetWeaver ABAP or JAVA platforms. In the current version, our scanner performs more than 1000 checks in anonymous mode without any authorization data. It allows you to check your system for:

  • critical remote vulnerabilities,
  • 0-day vulnerabilities,
  • critical services,applications and pages available via internet,
  • test services in your productive system
  • etc.

Simply enter the url to your SAP server and you will recieve a trial version of the report with the number of found vulnerabilities and their criticality free of charge.