ERPScan: The Eastern Mission

Alexander Polyakov, ERPScan CTO, is invited to the international RSA conference in China on August 28, 2012. His presentation is titled “SSRF: The New Threat for Business-Critical Applications”. The unique attack scenario, which was recently found by ERPScan research center, has already agitated the world of infosecurity because it allows bypassing many defense mechanisms of SAP and other business applications as well as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems by a cunning combination of various vulnerabilities and an SSRF attack.

RSA is the traditional communication venue for the top managers of key infosecurity corporations of the world. Nowadays, it is one of the industry’s largest events, where leading security researchers have been sharing their most innovative and dangerous findings for over two decades now. This year, experts from companies like EMC, Microsoft, VMware, Trend Micro, Qualys and ERPScan will meet there.

The Eastern countries are at least as interesting for research and development as the West and I am glad to be invited to such an important event. What’s more, I am glad to be invited once again to share our expertise in SAP vulnerabilities and threats so that the SAP systems of many enterprises worldwide become more secure. Unfortunately, this field of infosec is still underestimated by companies in spite of its great importance

Alexander Polyakov.