Microsoft did not stand against researchers from ERPScan

Evgeny Neyolov, a security analyst with ERPScan, has received an acknowledgement from Microsoft for a dangerous vulnerability that he has found in a service of the software giant.

In spite of many years of fruitful cooperation with key software vendors like Oracle, SAP, Oracle, VMware, IBM, Apache, Alcatel, Google, Yandex, and Adobe, and a lot of acknowledgements for the vulnerabilities found in their products, the software of Microsoft has never been in the spotlight of our research before. Now, ERPScan has gained the experience of cooperation with almost all key software vendors in the world.

I have to point out that Microsoft, being the creator of best-selling software for mass market, has never actually been our prime target. ERPScan Research Group has mostly been focused on SAP applications and other business critical software because their security is much less studied than the vulnerabilities in popular software, which are pursued by, like, every scriptkiddy. Nevertheless, the research of vulnerabilities in popular software as well as in custom business software is, undoubtedly, a most interesting and important task for ERPScan experts

Alexander Polyakov, ERPScan CTO.