Monitor SAP Security Efficiently with ERPScan 2.2 – New Release

Palo Alto, CA – February 28, 2013 We are happy to announce our new webinar dedicated to the release of ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite v.2.2, which will be hosted on March 5 for everyone who is interested in securing SAP systems.

The new brand name is ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite because it has become much more than just a scanner. Now, we offer you a Suite of various SAP security modules, while it still can be used as a simple scan tool, which is a good option for consulting companies.

One of the main improvements is built-in monitoring capability that helps you to effectively manage the dynamics between different scans. You can schedule monitoring for most critical parameters on SAP systems.

Furthermore, the system has become incredibly faster in terms of authorization checks. Our completely revised engine can now analyze an SAP system with 5000 users in 5 minutes!

What’s new

We have added a lot of new checks which include additional parameters implemented by SAP in the latest updates after the release of ERPScan 2.1 as well as multiple checks for the newly discovered security vulnerabilities and much more.

The official release date of version 2.2 is March 1, 2013. Stay tuned with our updates at!

For detailed information, please register for our webinars on March 5: