Recent ERPScan release was certified by SAP for security assessment

Palo Alto, CA – July 19, 2013 ERPScan Inc. is proud to announce that the latest version of ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite has been certified by SAP AG and is now a recommended solution for SAP security analysis.

ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP is award-winning innovative software and currently the only solution available on the market to assess and monitor all tiers of SAP security: vulnerability assessment, source code review, SoD conflicts, compliance, event tracking and continuous monitoring.

Our solution and our company have already gained reputation on the market: we are distinguished and appreciated by our partners and customers, and frequently honored with such industry awards as the award for the Most Innovative Product, Security Software for Enterprise and other ones. We have now finished the long process of certifying our new release under the “Integration with SAP applications” scenario with SAP AG, which means that ERPScan officially supports most of SAP applications. We have been an SAP AG partner for quite a long time already, but the recently acquired official certification, which further proves our compliance with SAP’s requirements, is especially important to us.

Alexander Polyakov, the CTO of ERPScan.

The new version will be presented at BlackHat conference in Las Vegas. In addition to lots of small improvements, it will enable Deep Vulnerability Prioritization Analysis of every security patch (security note) released by SAP and provide numerous metrics which can clarify working with updates.

Every month, about 50 SAP security notes are released, more than 2600 in total. It’s a huge pain for an SAP user to prioritize updates and install them. As a result, clients sometimes don’t do anything and leave their systems unprotected. Our ERPScan Research Team supplies us with deep analysis of every security update, such as criticality, availability of information in public sources, vulnerability types and much more. This information comes integrated into ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite, so the users can automatically analyze every system, whether it is vulnerable or not, in accordance with each and every vulnerability disclosed in SAP security notes. And if it is, ERPScan provides a platform to categorize and filter all of the found issues by multiple parameters. It will save lots of time for administrators and help consulting companies to conduct the deeper analysis.

Alexander Polyakov

The qualification of the researchers who work on the knowledge base of ERPScan and our new DeepView platform was officially confirmed by the top management of SAP AG, who acknowledged the results of fruitful cooperation with ERPScan aimed at securing the latest technological novelties released by SAP.

We would like to thank the world-class security experts of ERPScan for the highly qualified job performed to help us assess the security of our pre-release products.

SAP Labs representative

Since 2007, ERPScan has been working closely with SAP Product Security Response Team. It has resulted in solving more than 100 vulnerabilities so far.

About ERPScan Inc.

ERPScan is an award-winning innovative company founded in 2010, the leading SAP AG partner in discovering and solving security vulnerabilities. ERPScan is engaged in the research of ERP and business application security, particularly SAP, and the development of cybercrime and internal fraud prevention software. Our flagship product is the award-winning ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP: the only solution in the market, which can analyze all tiers of ERP security (continuous monitoring, standard compliance, vulnerability assessment, SoD, and source code review). ERPScan experts are frequent speakers at prime international conferences held in USA, Europe and Asia, such as BlackHat and RSA.