SAP has launched a new web site section devoted to the vulnerabilities found in its products


The SAP company which the ERPScan research center has been cooperating in the field of vulnerability research and analysis for several years, has opened a new section with a list containing the latest vulnerabilities in its products and acknowledgments to researchers.

Since the beginning of this year our company along with the SAP Product Security Response Team experts has been working upon this section building formal cooperation between SAP and research departments at the same time. In the outcome there is a due approach towards interaction in what concerns notification, solving vulnerabilities, and informing the SAP Product Security Response Team about current threats. In consequence of this collaboration there is an increase in the quality of SAP products. Now each SAP client can be aware of the latest product vulnerabilities not only through the SAP Security Notes but also from the custom section. From this point on we are planning to extend our cooperation to provide security of SAP products in the fields our research deals with.

Alexander Polyakov, Head of ERPScan Research

Conducting this kind of research ERPScan has got among the main SAP partners exploring vulnerabilities (and leaders in terms of published vulnerabilities) and informing SAP about current threats. This shows the high qualification of our experts what assures our clients in the quality of our products and services related to SAP security.

Ilya Medvedovskiy, CEO of ERPScan