Upcoming webinar (29 feb): ERPScan SaaS for SAP Review

In this webinar will provide information about our new solution – ERPScan SaaS, and it’s key benefits for protection against remote attacks.

Recent SAP applications are being presented on the internet with much more variety to meet a multitude of different business needs such as customer relationship (SAP CRM), supplier relationship (SAP SRM),corporate portals (SAP Portal), easy remote access (SAP MI) and many others. Due to the increasing popularity of these solutions more security vulnerabilities are being published. From the other site due the latest time big companies became a targets for the hacking teams like Anonymous and others through web-vulnerabilities. That’s why security of external WEB applications became a threat especially if we are talking about business-critical systems like SAP.

For example one of the latest vulnerabilities targeting the SAP J2EE Engine and leading to unauthorized remote access to all- business critical data provoked a lot of hype in the media and still exists in many SAP Portals.

ERPScan SaaS is a powerful and easy to use solution that allows you to get a report about security of your Web server on SAP NetWeaver ABAP, or JAVA platforms. The current version scanner performs more than 1000 checks in anonymous mode without any authorization data and also can be executed in audit mode to obtain more security-relevant options.

It allows you to check your system for:

  • critical remote vulnerabilities
  • 0 day vulnerabilities
  • critical services available via internet
  • test services in your productive system
  • and more

Join us to obtain practical examples of using ERPScan SaaS and first statistics obtained by our tests.

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Panelist: Alexander Polyakov – CTO of ERPScan
When: Thursday, Febrary 29, 2012 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT