Upcoming webinar (29 March): ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP Review

For those who missed our previous webinar we will repeat it.
Please keep in mind that we will register users only from corporate email.

ERP systems are the core of every enterprise. ERP systems contain all of the critical business processes running inside from purchasing, payment and shipping, human resource management, production, and financial planning. All the data stored in ERP systems is of a paramount importance and any illegal access can lead to losses or even business shutdown. In order to protect your business we strongly suggest an automated system to assess component security. In this webinar you will learn what kind of threats target SAP systems and how our products will keep you and your data secure.

ERPScan Security Scanner for SAP is an innovative product for integrated assessment of SAP platform security and standard compliance. The system enables conducting complex security assessments while scanning SAP servers for software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, critical access, and also performs assessment for compliance to current standards and best practices including SAP best practices and ISACA guidelines.

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Panelist: Alexander Polyakov – CTO of ERPScan
When: Thursday, March 29, 2012 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT