ERPScan’s SAP Cybersecurity Awareness tour – Summer 2016

Palo Alto, CA – June, 8 ERPScan is delighted to invite you to meet domain experts for SAP Cybersecurity Awareness discussion. On the wake of SAP Cybersecurity breaches, experts from the ERPScan company decided to tour across the USA and personally communicate with SAP users and the people responsible for the SAP security to answer any questions relating to this topic.

Experts from the major analyst companies agreed on the significant role of SAP Cybersecurity in terms of the whole landscape security level. Last year, SAP Cybersecurity incidents were in the spotlight many times. Thus, this topic is not a terra incognita as it used to be just several years ago. Nonetheless, there is still a lack of awareness and questions to be answered. By the series of discussions, ERPScan team aims to shed a light on the tough questions of the SAP Security area and dispell some myths.

Meet our experts and take the opportunity to learn about latest trends, threats, and any of the issues related to SAP Cybersecurity. The topics you may want to discuss include but not limited to the following:

  • What are the latest SAP Cybersecurity threats?
  • How to effectively grow SAP assets?
  • What are the risks for different industries?
  • How to demonstrate the importance of SAP Cybersecurity to C-level executives?
NY, NY 10–12 June
National Harbor, Maryland 13–16 June
Silicon Valley, California 13-14 June
Portland, Oregon 15-20 June
Jacksonville, Florida 17 June
Dallas, Texas 21 June
Austin, Texas 22 June
San Antonio, Texas 23 June

The following experts will be happy to help you:

  • Alexander Polyakov, CTO
  • Taran Kambo, VP Customer Experience
  • Eugine Neyolov, Senior Security Engineer
  • Doug Roberts, Senior Sales Representative

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