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SAP Penetration Testing

Know how hackers can break into your systems. Penetration testing service provided by experienced senior SAP Security consultant’s will help you identify critical vulnerabilities and teaches users how to exploit and break into connected systems, escalate privileges and gain access to real business data.

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SAP Security Audit

A complete service that allows users to check recognized potential system weakness spanning areas like Vulnerabilities, Configurations, Access Control, Source Code security and Segregation of duties. You can choose from our customized or complete package which is available as per your requirement.

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SAP Vulnerability Assessment

Quick and easy options that allow users to identify most critical SAP Platform vulnerabilities due to automated scanning of SAP systems by blackbox test, with no credentials needed.

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ABAP Code Security Review

The ABAP custom code like any other code can have vulnerabilities, allowing the attacker unauthorized access to critical information and even change data present in the production system.

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Oracle PeopleSoft Security Audit and Penetration Testing

A significant number of vulnerabilities revealed in this software by different researchers proves that it is possible for a third party to gain control over it, obtain mission critical data, be it social security numbers or HR, supplier and even credit card data.

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SAP Security Trainings

Stay several steps ahead by accessing security details of critical systems with our cutting edge security trends. With SAP Security training there is no stopping you from earning a position as the best in SAP Hacking and security.

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