Oracle JDE Security Audit and Penetration Testing

Security Audit and Penetration Testing services allow you to identify current security issues attacking your system as if an outsider would do it.

Imitating the behavior of a remote attacker, our penetration testers verify the reliability of the implemented security measures. They identify vulnerabilities of your system and exploit them to gain access to business-critical data. The aim of penetration testing is to highlight your security risks before they became evident to a real attacker.

Our experts specialize exclusively in ERP systems, including Oracle JDE. Their work is based on continuous research and close collaboration with vendors.

Key benefits:

  • Identify the most critical vulnerabilities in Oracle JD Edwards Suite and its components.
  • Check your system’s level of protection against internal and external attackers.
  • Identification of external interfaces and any other systems that can be used to exploit the target system.
  • Estimate business risks related to the vulnerabilities and their possible impacts.
  • Adopt best practices and remediation plans that are easy to implement.

The report we provide upon completion includes:

  • List of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Identified attack vectors, which describe how your system can be attacked.
  • Detailed recommendations for vulnerability patching.
  • Security guidelines for the general system configuration.

Why ERPScan?

  • Our experts have 10 years of experience in Oracle security.
  • We were the first to publish a research on Oracle JDE security (2015).
  • 80+ vulnerabilities identified in Oracle products.
  • Acknowledged 16 times by Oracle.
  • Identified 600+ vulnerabilities in the software of major vendors.

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