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The existing IT infrastructure has evolved as the backbone of every financial institution. With the latest technologies developed and customized for this sector, financial institutions are plagued by cyber-attacks, frauds, and data breaches. It’s not only cyber security: even adherence to compliance regulations is quite the task. Imagine the downfall if critical business processes in banks are interrupted due to Denial of Service attacks on SAP! Banks are storage harbors; attacks on a client’s personal data, critical information, credit card information, bank account details and numbers are always a risk. Hence the need for complete protection from cyber-attacks and frauds.


ERPScan has helped mitigate specific risks related to the Banking and Financial sector. Our experience in helping financial organizations has led us to analyze SAP systems typical for any banking institution and also check for specific compromising areas. ERPScan includes templates for analyzing SAP systems in accordance with the “SAP Security for Banking” recommendations and PCI DSS guidelines. Moreover, we check users for access to critical transactions and programs which are used by IS-Banking module and also identify access to tables which store credit card data.

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