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Public Sector


Today public sector companies and government agencies are highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. Over the years the number of data breaches and DOS attacks in public sector units has multiplied, however not every attack was disclosed or published. Few made headlines like the anonymous attack on SAP systems employed by the Greek finance ministry. There, however, has never been any official comment accepting or declining the authenticity of this piece of information. Another example is the attack on the HR system of, the US Department of Energy where employee details were published.


ERPScan can minimize specific attacks and risks that SAP and Oracle systems generally face. We provide extensive support to every SAP platform like ABAP, JAVA, HANA, BusinessObjects and Mobile as well as Oracle solutions such as Oracle Database and Oracle Peoplesoft applications. We broach every area such as; vulnerability management, source code security and segregation of duties thereby rendering Public companies complete protection from the latest there is in security attacks.