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Over the past years the retail industry has earned its limelight for all the wrong reasons, e.g. massive data breaches. Online hackers have unabashedly done away with millions of sensitive data belonging to customers. Some well-known retailers whose data vaults have been compromised are Home Depot, Michaels and Target.

Retail companies store customer information like credit card details, supplier details (which can be exploited to gain access to core systems) that are generally based on SAP, and hence fall prey to cyber criminals. SAP SCM- Supply Chain Management is widely used in the retail industry, frauds in this system could lead to malpractices like unauthorized modification of data in the supply chain process, frauds related to stealing from profits earned or even illegal money transfer to different bank accounts or organizations via unauthorized access over SAP SCM.


ERPScan can help dilute specific risks faced by every kind of retail industry. Huge retail industries with over 10K outlets spread across varying countries need specific experience to help curb any risks or attacks on its systems. Our experience and expertise has helped build a thorough check each type of SAP System and especially for SAP SCM- Supply Chain Management (heart of every retail industry) for critically known risks the system could encounter.


ERPScan has bundled templates for analyzing SAP Systems with regards to “SAP Security for Retail” recommendations and PCI DSS Guidelines and SOX recommendations. Moreover we check users for access to critical transactions and programs which are used by IS-Retail module and also identify access to tables which store Credit Card data and identify specific supply chain risks.

ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP was acknowledged for Gold prize in “IT Products and Services for Retail” at the “Hot Companies and Best Product Awards 2014” along with 25+ other awards.

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