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Technology and Manufacturing


Technology companies create dedicated software and hardware for various companies around the world. Although technology continues to evolve, their primary purpose is creating solutions according to every industries requirement and benefit. Cyber criminals are naturally drawn towards this resourceful industry with the sole purpose of creating backdoors in their software and hardware products. Hackers who gain access to source codes or binary codes can misuse it as required. A successful hack into any Technology driven company will expose its much guarded SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle management). Manufacturing companies produce goods, hackers can modify data and schemes used in PLM, PPM or CAD systems, this could alter production of goods resulting in poor quality standards. Once goods manufactured do not meet quality requisites companies will have to recall them, which in turn could induce huge loss of money and reputation.


ERPScan can help minify specific risk that most IT companies are vulnerable to. Our intricate work with SAP SE as well as assisting companies like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and HP to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities allows us to understand specific needs required by IT and technology companies to develop their products. We analyze SAP systems which typically installed in every industry as well as also check for systems critical for IT such as Product Lifecycle management and Manufacturing systems. Users access to crucial transactions and programs used by PLM modules are thoroughly examined.

ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP was awarded the “Bronze Winner” for the “9th Annual 2014 Hot Companies And Best Awards IT Products and Services for Enterprise” at the “Hot Companies and Best Products Awards 2014” along with 25+ awards.