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SAP Threat Detection

Why do you need to detect SAP Cyber threats

Attacks on ERP systems has become an extremely hot topic, especially after the USIS data breach. The breach occurred due to SAP vulnerability resulting in USIS going bankrupt. Analysts from Gartner, IDC, KuppingerCole, and Qoucirca agreed upon vital importance of ERP systems security. They also stated that traditional tools lacked this functionality.

“As Attackers compromise the ever-expanding sections of organizations networks, retain long-term access, and venture deeper into corporate IT Resources, the attacks on ERP Systems are anticipated to Increase.” Anton Chuvakin, Research VP, Gartner

SAP systems and other business-critical applications store the most critical corporate data, which is constantly threatened by espionage, sabotage, and fraud.

Vulnerability Management for Large Enterprises with hundreds of business applications involves several challenges in patching such as:

  • system complexity
  • lack of resources
  • backwards compatibility.

Thus, some vulnerabilities just can’t be easily patched, thus leaving systems open to attacks.

But that’s not it. We also have unidentified ‘0-day’ vulnerabilities to deal with. Thus, to minimize risks we need to monitor the system for potential attacks. As a solution, these Enterprises would like to easily analyze security events across multiple systems and prevent them from both unknown attacks and known vulnerabilities. The challenging part here, there are so many different formats for different SAP logs generating so many events making it next to impossible to configure collection of all events manually into one centralized point for managing security of their most critical applications. What’s more important, even if you have all logs in one place, you need to know what kind of security data are you looking at, – you need an Intelligence – a brain to your system, and finally, you don’t want to deal with all this data, all you want to respond on those attacks in close to real time.

What can we do to help you Detect SAP threats

We have a solution – Automatic collection, detection, Analysis and Response for common and advanced attacks on SAP Systems. ERPScan SAP Threat Detection provides you with an easy, flexible and powerful solution designed for Enterprise. It helps in collecting, identifying, and analyzing every single potential attack on SAP Systems. By multi-layer approach our sensors normalize, filter and add Intelligence tags to unstructured event and logs generated by different SAP applications from ERP to HANA. Our SIEM add-ons provides you all necessary statistical information, events, anomalous behavior and unique set of attack signatures provided by ERPScan Threat Intelligence team so that you will be able to get 360 degree protection with minimal efforts.

All this by extending your current security platforms such as SIEM and IDS system without installing another box which you need to manage.

It delivers a simplified central point for advanced analysis and intelligent reporting and easily integrates with IT GRC and SIEM solutions.

ERPScan SAP Threat Detection supported by ERPScan Research and Threat Intelligence team, which is a leader in terms of founded vulnerabilities in SAP systems. Its proud to identify 400+ vulnerabilities in Business applications and has published 80+ research papers about unique attacks and is continuously researching this area.

How do we Detect threats

Near-Real time detection of cyber attacks and fraud. Our multi-stage approach allows you detecting every malicious event. We Collect, Normalize, Filter, Analyze, Correlate and Present any meaningful information from SAP log files which can end up with cyberattack or fraud.

  • Collect events from different logs generated by SAP Platforms such as ABAP, JAVA and HANA.
  • Identify Potential threats such as account lockout, privilege escalation or bruteforce and 200+ other scenarios.
  • Identify Attacks including attacks based on SAP vulnerabilities and 0-day attacks.
  • Analyze User Behavior. Monitor User activity and dangerous transactions based on 600+ different patterns.
  • Feed identified data to SIEM. Export any of those events into SIEM solution such as IBM, HP or Splunk.
  • Extend and customize SIEM Dashboards. Pre-configured and custom dashboard on your SIEM platform to monitor.

The benefits of SAP Threat Detection

Enjoy functions of a mix of SIEM and Application IPS functionality for business applications to Detect Advanced Threats targeting SAP Business Applications without any agents.

  • Decrease up to 80% SIEM costs by filtering normalizing raw logs into normalized intelligent events.
  • Comply with all regulations and guidelines that require event monitoring such as SOX, ISO, NIST, HIPPA, FISMA, NERC CIP, PCI-DSS etc.
  • Detect current and 0-day attacks and threats on SAP systems by analyzing critical logs from ABAP, JAVA and HANA systems.
  • Analyze threats by using 50+ preconfigured statistical dashboards, IOC’s and unique attack database.
  • Respond Export any of those events into SIEM solution such as IBM, HP or Splunkto attacks by integrating this solution with IDS/IPS/Firewalls.
  • Reduce efforts by advanced risk correlation with ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite and trend analysis.

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