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SAP Security for CISO

SAP Security for CISO. Part 5: four Cs of SAP Cybersecurity

In the previous post, we dispelled some SAP Cybersecurity myths. Today we will discuss how SAP cybersecurity differs from traditional IT security. While usually security is security, no matter what one deals with, in SAP area there are some distinctive features. Four main differences between SAP (or any other enterprise business application) and traditional applications can be described by using four Cs.

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SAP Security for CISO. Part 1: How I started my SAP journey

Recently ERPScan Research team has finished its series of blog entries on how to Secure SAP Systems from XXS vulnerabilities. Those entries prove themselves as a successful experience. Thus, I decided to launch a new series of articles “SAP Security for CISOs”. You don’t need to be a CISO to benefit from reading these articles. As far as they intended for everybody else, who is into security, but wants to know more about ‘SAP Security’ in particular, and doesn’t know where to start from. However, this series of articles will provide a step-by-step dive into SAP Security for those who makes his first steps in this amazing adventure. I will try to keep it less technical due to the possibility of understanding the basics. So, all the CISOs, security engineers, administrators, security consultants, penetration testers, researchers and even basis team are welcome to read this blog.
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